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Lifetime Network set to produce life story of Brittney Alexa Vega

New York City, New York – Lifetime Network announced today it plans to produce a new movie based on the life of former furniture model Brittney Alexa Vega. The movie, titled “Brittney, The Early Years,” chronicles Miss Vega’s earliest days as a model in the glitzy world of upholstered furniture.

Brittney Alexa Vega

Former world famous upholstery model Brittney Vega in her first professional photo shoot, moments after her birth.

According to family and friends, Miss Vega began her modeling career right out of the womb when her mother gave birth to her on the showroom floor of a local Lazy Boy Furniture Gallery.

Says Vega, her mother was checking out a new leather recliner when all of a sudden her water broke. “Mom says it felt like a piñata just exploded between her legs,” exclaimed Vega. “The next thing she knew, boom, there I was.”

Although Vega was too young to personally recall any of the details surrounding her first photo shoot, the event was captured in a series of family photos.

“I don’t know what it is,” said Vega, “but every time I see that first photo of me I can’t help but feel a cold breeze on my butt.”

The new Lifetime movie is scheduled for release April 15, just in time for the launch of the new Spring line of  Lazy Boy recliners.


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