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Rare photo captures jackass riding a horse


Jackass riding horseNew York, NY – Researchers at National Geographic have authenticated a photo that purportedly shows a jackass riding a horse. “This is something you just don’t see in the wild every day,” said Daryle Rico, head of research. “The fact that the event was actually captured on film is just incredible!”

The photo at the center of the attention shows a fully grown jackass riding a horse while seated on a saddle.

The photo was reportedly taken several years ago along a Costa Rican riding trail. No explanation was offered as to why the photo surfaced only recently. Researchers would only speculate that it had something to do with the jackass being exceedingly difficult to look at.

Since announcing the photo to be authentic, Costa Rican authorities have claimed there has been a tremendous influx of tourists to the region, all clamoring to see Costa Rica’s most popular jackass.

“Until now, Costa Rica have been known world-wide for their amazing beaches,” said Rico. “But, now I guess they will be just as famous for their ugly asses.”


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