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New poll reveals most revolting names used on online dating sites

fat-guy-on-computerPalo Alto, CA –  Survey Monkey, the nation’s largest independent online survey firm, released a list of the 25 most revolting screen name used by men in online dating sites. The poll, which was conducted on behalf of Match.com, was administered to a field of more than 2,500 female respondents throughout the United States and the Philippines.

The list reveals a disgusting lack of common sense or decency and includes the following online monikers:

1. No_It’s_Not_I’m_Just_Happy_To_See_You
2. More_2_Love
3. FriskyBritches
4. YerPlaceOrMyn
5. LetsGoDutch
6. RedE2Snuggle
7. SeñorSildenafil
8. MalePatternBaldy
9. KissingKuzin
10. LetzGetPhysical
11. DownNDesperate
12. BeerNutzNut
13. HeadLover
14. 6PackAbs
15. CouchSpud
16. 32OZandaBagofChips
17. DesperatleySeekingSusan
18. MrLongfellow
19. GoingCommando
20. HouseHubby
21. 2ndTimeVirgin
22. MisterUnibrow
23. Born2Cuddle
24. JailBaitJunkie
25. SlamNbamSam

The username TickleMeElmo  also made the list but was removed for copyright infringement.

“Oh my gosh,” declared online love seeker Kristi Lemos upon seeing the list, “half those names are in my email inbox!”

According to psychologists, men often use sexual innuendo in their screen names as a way of touting their sexual prowess or disguising their physical shortcomings. But online dating experts claim most women are onto this strategy.

According to online dating expert Daryle Rico, “When a guy uses ‘LeadInMyPencil’ as a screen name, odds are pretty good he’s not a mechanical engineer.”

Match.com is the world’s largest online dating service with a reported 17 million subscribers every month.


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