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Neighbor’s dog has annoying habit of ruining family photos

Sparky the dog ruins yet another family photo.

Sparky the dog ruins yet another family photo.

Portland, OR – What was sort of cute in the beginning has become a regular pain in the ass, as Frenchy Ly has lost yet another family photo op to her best friend’s dog.

Says Ly, “That damn dog is always doing something in the background. If he’s not taking a dump he’s licking himself – or worse.”

According to Ly, Sparky the dog has a sixth sense for knowing whenever a photo is about to be taken. “Lo and behold, he’ll be right there to ruin it any way he can,” claims Ly. Ly says she has lost count of how many photos Sparky has actually ruined, but estimates the number to be in the hundreds.

“I haven’t been able to post a decent photo on Facebook in over 4 months,” complained Ly.

Ly went on to say that even her one-year old son is catching on to the dog’s antics. “Mason refuses to pose with him anymore,” says Ly. “Before I know it, he’ll be off to college and I’ll have no record of his childhood.”

Initially, Ly considered asking her friend to have her dog put down. Cooler heads have prevailed, however, and Ly is now considering investing in Photoshop.


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