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2-year old descends Mt. Hood atop Krispy Kreme donut

Crispy CremePortland, OR – Little Madden Ho set a world speed record today when he descended Oregon’s famous Mt. Hood in a time of 7 minutes 23-seconds. Even more incredible was the fact that he set the record riding atop a Krispy Kreme donut.

“It was an upside down glazed donut to be specific,” beamed his proud mother, Kieu Ho. “We would have set it right side up, but I didn’t want to get chocolate on his good pants.”

Over 100 skiers and snowboarders witnessed the event. “He was the proverbial greased lighting,” said snow bunny Daryle Rico. “But in his case, I guess it was more like ”glazed’ lightning.”

Researchers from Guinness World Records, who were on hand to authenticate the record, credit a strong back wind and Madden’s low profile for his speedy descent down the 11,250 ft. mountain. “In the reclined position, he was only about 18 inches off the ground,” stated Sir Edmund Howell of Guinness, “so there was practically no wind resistance working against him.”

Madden, who was sporting a slight case of freezer burn on his cheeks following his record-setting feat, was unavailable for comment, as he was already in the lift line to make a second attempt.


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