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Hound humbled in backyard brawl

Portland, OR – In what neighbors are calling a classic example of being “all bark and no bite,” Cohiba Cox, a 100 lb. golden lab, was humbled early Sunday morning in a backyard altercation with the neighborhood cat. According to witnesses, the two were involved in a heated exchange over flea collars when that cat suddenly unleashed a left cross to Cohiba’s right cheek, sending the dog ass over tea kettle.

Cohiba, who outweighed the cat by over 90 lbs. was clearly embarrassed and made a hasty retreat from the scene.

laughing stock

A neighbor’s smart phone catches the defining blow of the argument.

“She caught me with a cheap shot,” claimed Cohiba afterwards, still wincing from the blow. “And her nails haven’t been trimmed in over a month.”

Witnesses expressed surprise over the incident, particularly over the brevity of the battle. “It wasn’t much of a fight at all,” said neighbor Daryle Rico, who viewed the altercation from his kitchen window. “Kind of makes you wonder which of them was the real pussy.”

The cat, which was not identified, reportedly sauntered off to groom itself and catch up on its 18-hour nap.


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