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Local Filipina loses mustache in birthday party mishap

Las Vegas, NV – Teresita Rapier, more commonly known as The Mustachioed Mommy of Manila, recently lost her claim to fame in a tragic birthday party mishap.


Teresita Rapier (center) is all smiles just moments before her trademark mustache burst into flames.

According to eye witnesses, Rapier was posing for photos when a birthday candle passed beneath her nose. That is when her mustache, which was soaked in gin from drinking martinis that evening, suddenly burst into flames. By the time by standers were able to smother the flames with birthday cake, it was too late.

“We had the fire put out a couple of times,” said party guest Nidia Ramirez, “but she kept licking the frosting from her lips.”

The incident took place at the popular MGM Grand hotel. Daryle Rico, a guest of the hotel who witnessed the accident said, “I saw her face on fire alright, but I thought it was just a part of David Copperfield’s magic act.”

Although Rapier sustained no serious injuries in the accident, her career as a circus performer may be over. “I was supposed to go on tour with Cirque Du Soleil,” sobbed Rapier, “but any chance of me ever becoming an acrobat have pretty much gone up in smoke.”

Rapier continues to keep a stiff upper lip, however, and is considering changing her stage name to The Filipina Flambé.


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