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Local woman chosen as Aunt Jemima stunt double

Salem, Oregon – Quaker Oats Company announced today that they have selected a local Mexican woman as the official Aunt Jemima stunt double. Eloina Cortes, of Keizer, will assume duties for the iconic pancake purveyor starting March 1.


Eloina Cortes was named official stunt double for Aunt Jemima in a nationwide talent search that concluded January 15.

The real Aunt Jemima is over 100 years old, and according to company officials is no longer the spring chicken she used to be.

Stunt doubles are typically used to protect celebrities during the filming of dangerous action scenes, such as the flipping of a pancake.

According to Quaker Oats officials, the selection was an easy one. “Miss Cortes bears an uncanny resemblance to Aunt Jemima physically,” said Daryle Rico, Director of Marketing for Quaker Oats. “And with that kerchief wrapped around her head, she is the spitting image of her. So really, it was no contest when it came to choosing a stunt double.”

Rico went on to say that he expects Cortes to make an excellent stunt double, despite the fact that she has absolutely no cooking skills herself. “According to her sisters,” said Rico “the woman can’t even make ice cubes.”

Company spokesmen also said that they hope that the selection of Cortes will allow them to tap into the lucrative Hispanic market. “We hope she’ll help us sell a few more flapjacks,” said Rico “or, in this case flapHACKS.”

As the official stunt double, Cortes will be used as a stand in during all cooking scenes during the filming of television commercials.  Plans are also in the works to have Cortes play the part of Aunt Jemima in a celebrity Ironman competition scheduled for FOX Television later in the Fall.


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