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One year old conks out during Black Friday shopping spree

Little Mason Ly sleep walks down aisle 23 of his neighborhood Wal-Mart during his first Black Friday.

Beaverton, OR – When Mason Ly joined his mommy for his first Black Friday shopping spree yesterday, he could barely contain his enthusiasm. “He was definitely excited about it,” said his mother Frenchy. “All the Toys R Us commercials really had him ramped up.”

Mason’s first ever Black Friday began promptly at midnight with a trip to Wal-Mart where he was greeted by a Civil War veteran posing as Santa Claus. But less than one hour into the shopping spree little Mason was completely conked out, falling asleep while steering his shopping cart down aisle 23. “He was completely pooped,” said Frenchy, “and I’m not talking about his diaper.”

Unable to pack her son and complete her shopping, Frenchy was forced to call it a night by 1 am. “I didn’t get a single gift marked off my list,” griped Frenchy “except the half case of Tecate I got Trissa. I guess there’s always next year.”


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