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Chicken family reunited at local KFC restaurant

Chicken Daddy is all a flutter upon meeting his baby girl after years apart.

Portland, OR – In what many are calling the most incredible reunification since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a local rooster and his baby chick were reunited today after years of separation. Ironically, the family get-together took place at a neighborhood Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant where both father and daughter were applying for the same part-time job.

Restaurant guests were moved to tears at the sight. “I can’t blame them for crying,” said chicken daddy Daryle Rico. “My legs aren’t nearly as sexy as they used to be.”

Baby chicklet greets her daddy with open wings.

Onlookers were amazed by the family resemblance, with both daddy and daughter sharing nearly an identical wing span.

“There was a family resemblance alright,” said Ngan Hoang, wiping gravy from her lips with a moist towelette. “You could tell right away they were birds of a feather.”

Other restaurant guests appeared unmoved by the event, including Todd Er, a local bee farmer. “I wasn’t not all that surprised,” said Er. “I come here to pick up chicks all the time.”

As for daddy chicken and his daughter, however, their reunion could not have come at a better time.  “I just hope we survive Thanksgiving,” said Rico.


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