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Local girl finishes distant third in national footsie contest

Minneapolis, MN – Calling it the biggest personal defeat in her life, local resident Ngan Hoang finished in third place in the 10th Annual Prettiest Feet contest sponsored by OPI Nail Polish. The contest was open to nail technicians throughout the country. Ngan, who is herself a professional nail technician, was stunned by the result.

First place went to Ana Yen of the Happy Ending Nail Salon for her gnarly entry entitled “Fungus Amongus”.

“I cannot believe I finished out of the money,” sobbed Ngan. “I thought I had it nailed!”

Second place went to Thanh Dang of Happy Sunny Smile Nails, whom judges praised for going the extra inch.

This year’s contest featured a Halloween theme, with top prize going to the scariest or most unusual nails – a fact that seemed lost on Ngan. Ngan’s toenail design featured a smiling puppy on her big toe with dog prints on her smaller nails, which judges said was simply too cute to be a winner of this year’s contest.

“I don’t know why I didn’t win,” griped Ngan “a lot of people are very scared of dogs. So much for trying to put my best foot forward.”

According to the judges, Ngan’s third place entry entitled “Doing It Doggy Style” was all bark and no bite.

According to Ngan, worse than finishing third is the humiliation of having to face her disappointed co-workers back at the nail salon. “Everyone was pulling for me to win this year,” said Ngan. “Even that bitchy girl at station #4. Boy, let me tell you where I’d really like to put my foot!”


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2 thoughts on “Local girl finishes distant third in national footsie contest

  1. Those are some ugly toes.

  2. As the saying goes, “beauty is skin deep (but ugly goes clean to the bone).”

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