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Geneticists discover Crinkled Nose gene

Research shows the Crinkled Nose gene to be most prevalent among Hispanics.

Baja, Mexico – In what is being hailed as the biggest genetic discovery since the double helix, researchers announced today they had discovered the Crinkled Nose gene. “It was just sitting there on the #9 chromosome,” said geneticist Daryle Rico. “It was as though it was expressing its distaste for us the entire time.”

According to researchers, the Crinkled Nose gene is the one that enables some people to scrunch their noses while others can barely muster a sneer.

“It’s right up there with being able to curl one’s tongue,” said Rico. “Some people can, some people can’t. And just to be clear,” added Rico, “I’m talking about crinkling your nose, not just wrinkling it.”

Geneticists say that wrinkling one’s nose is often mistaken for crinkling, but actually requires little or no talent whatsoever.

Geneticists estimate that the Crinkled Nose gene is dominant in only about .02 percent of the world’s population, and appears to be particularly prevalent among Hispanics.

While noticeably proud of their research, the scientists later acknowledged that their discovery had absolutely no medical value whatsoever.


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