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Taco Bell introduces “The Bambrito”; Asian community outraged

Taco Bell introduces it latest Asian-infused burrito “The Bambrito”.

Irvine, CA –  In a move to broaden its consumer base, Taco Bell announced today the latest addition to its culinary lineup, an Asian-infused burrito called The Bambrito. The new item is designed to appeal to the rapidly growing Asian market.

According to Taco Bell food scientists, the new item is authentically Asian. “It’s the only burrito we know of,” said test kitchen spokesman Daryle Rico, “that contains a real Asian!”

Taco Bell describes The Bambrito as a small Asian child covered in thin rice noodles and blanketed in a soft flour tortilla. Says Rico, “There’s a dash of Sriacha in there, too.”  The name Bambrito is a word play on ‘bambino’ and ‘burrito’.

Response from the Asian community to the fast food giant’s new item has been swift and harsh.”Taco Bell is thinking too far outside the box,” said Kieu Ho.

Others called the item “cute but in bad taste.”

According to Taco Bell, the Bambrito is a test item and available only in select markets through November 17. “Or till we run out of babies,” said Rico.


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