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Local girl saves for college by working as Minnie Mouse stunt double

Not even Walt Disney himself could distinguish little Jasmine from Minnie Mouse.

Orlando, FL – Tiny Jasmine Hoang may not be the biggest star at Walt Disney World, but she is definitely the hardest working. Since she was three years of age, the little Vietnamese girl has been saving for her college education by working as a stunt double for Minnie Mouse.

Jasmine’s work day usually consists of parades, posing for family photos and enduring hundreds of hugs intended for Minnie Mouse. “If it weren’t for me doing all her dirty work,” says Jasmine proudly, Minnie would be one dead rat by now.”

When asked if she thinks her job is dangerous, Jasmine replied, “Not really. But if one more brat yanks on my tail I may go ballistic.”

Dressed in her signature pink polka dot dress, Jasmine looks nearly identical to Minnie. “Standing side by side,” says Jasmine, “people say you can’t even tell us apart. Then again, most Caucasians think all mice look alike.”

Jasmine was first noticed by Walk Disney World officials on a family trip to the resort. “I could not help but think ‘There goes the spitting image of Minnie Mouse'”,  said Daryle Rico, Disney World spokesman. “But that was because she was puking up lemonade at the time.”

Twice a month, Jasmine mails her paycheck home to her mother, Ngan Hoang, who lives 1,500 miles away in upstate Minnesota. “No more heat and humidity for this chick,” says Hoang. “That’s the whole reason I got the hell out of Vietnam!”

Another of Jasmine’s more dangerous jobs is riding the high-speed carousel till she pukes.

When asked if she was concerned about her daughter living so far away from home, Hoang was quick to snap, “It’s not as though she’s living on her own! She’s being raised by the Seven Dwarfs, you know!”

Jasmine knows her job may not last forever. She is growing quickly and may soon surpass the 2-foot height requirement for being Minnie Mouse. “I’m not really worried,” said Jasmine. “I think there may be an opening for Snow White soon. Have you seen her lately? That bitch is looking old.”


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