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Brazen baby bares all to win national photo contest

In his best Elvis Presley impersonation, Mason shows why he is such a “Hunk-a, Hunk-a, Hunk-a Burning Love”.

Beaverton, OR – In a move that has raised the eyebrows of even his biggest fans, 8-month old Mason Ly has began posting nude photos of himself on the Internet to solicit votes in national photo contest.

The tawdry toddler is a contestant in the 3rd Annual Gerber Generation Photo Search, a national contest open to children 48 months and younger. With just about two weeks to go, the race is still too close to call. Mason hopes his Facebook fans will put him over the top by voting for him every day through September 24th. 

Mason’s latest “Go Bare or Go Home” campaign has earned him national attention and a stern warning from Facebook.

One of the more controversial photos in question shows Mason taking a bubble bath, his modesty preserved by a strategically-placed rubber ducky.

According to experts, while posting dirty photos on the Internet is nothing new, Mason’s move marks the first time it has been done to encourage voter turnout. “I just hope it doesn’t influence the Presidential election,” said political analyst Daryle Rico. “That Mitt Romney fella has really let himself go.”

But to hear Mason explain it, the “all out effort” makes sense. “Half the people using the Internet are surfing porn sites anyhow,” said Mason, “so I’m just giving my fans what they want to see.”

As might be expected, Mason’s move has drawn some criticism from those who are offended by his nude photos. But as he so eloquently explains, “Mommy always taught me to turn the other cheek.”


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