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National exposure results in baby receiving buttload of undergarments

Mason poses with one of the many women’s bras he has received during the course of a national photo contest.

Beaverton, OR – When Francoise Ly returns from the post office every day with another load of mail, it is not always with a smile on her face. Since entering her son Mason in a national photo contest, the youngster has received all sorts of fan mail from adoring fans across the country. But the incoming mail has gone well beyond a few letters and postcards, and little Mason now finds himself on the receiving end of all sorts of women’s undergarments.

“We’re talking bras, panties, stockings – the works,” said his mother.

Mason, who recently turned 8-months old, is taking part in the Third Annual Gerber Generation Photo Search, a national campaign to find the next Gerber baby.

Neighbors complain that Mason’s fan mail is creating an eye sore.

To date, Mason has received no fewer than 28 bra and panty sets. “He’s got more than 15 pair of granny panties hanging out on the clothesline right now,” claims his mother. “And let me tell you, it is not a pretty sight.”

Psychologists say the phenomenon is somewhat typical. “Often times, losers with nothing going on in their lives will try to latch onto a celebrity and attempt to establish a connection with them by sending them something personal,” say Daryle Rico Ph. D.

“Well, if that’s the case,” said his mother, “I wish they’d just send a personal check.”

The Gerber Generation Photo Search contest runs daily through September 24th, and Ly encourages Mason’s fans to vote daily. Vote for Mason by clicking here.

“But please leave your undies in your panty drawer,” begs his mom. “Unless, of course you’re an XS.”


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