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Overnight celebrity status forces Beaverton baby into hiding

Mason’s growing popularity on Facebook has forced him into using his mommy’s Ray-Bans to conceal his identity.

Beaverton, OR – National attention received as a contestant in the Gerber Generation Photo Search has forced a local Beaverton baby into hiding. Mason Ly, who was entered in the contest by his mother, has become so popular that he has been forced to conceal his identity when in public.

Mason claims his ever-growing following on Facebook is disrupting his childhood.

One of Mason’s favorite disguises is this over-sized pacifier.

“I used to have complete anonymity,” claims a disappointed Mason, “but not anymore. I can’t even be breast-fed in public without someone saying, ‘hey, haven’t I seen you before?'”

As a result of his growing celebrity, Mason has taken to wearing sunglasses and various other disguises to conceal his identity. “The big floppy hats are ruining my summer tan and the unibrow is just plain ugly,” says Mason.

The contest is open to contestants nationwide, and Facebook users are encouraged to vote for their favorites every day, now through September 24th. Mason’s ballot can be found by clicking here.

In this photo, Mason disguises himself as a Greek baby to avoid being recognized.

Despite his loss of privacy, Mason is still hopeful of winning the contest’s Grand Prize. Up for grabs is a $50,000 college scholarship that Mason hopes to use to become a cowboy.

“I’ll be glad when this contest is behind me,” says Mason, hiding behind his baby bottle. “In the meanwhile, I’ll just have to suck it up.”


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