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Local baby faces family pressure to win national photo contest

Superior genes all but forced little Mason Ly into a national photo contest.

Beaverton, OR – From the moment Francoise Ly entered her 8-month old son in a national photo contest, the pressure was on for him to win it all. The contest is the 3rd Annual Gerber Generation Photo Search, a national competition for babies 48 months of age and younger.

“There is no reason why Mason shouldn’t win this thing going away,” claimed Ly. “He has my sweetness and charm, and besides, most of the other babies in the contest are just plain butt-ugly.”

His mother’s confidence and glaring lack of objectivity have placed a good deal of pressure on Mason’s tiny shoulders. At stake is a $50,000 college scholarship, the chance to appear in an upcoming Gerber baby food advertisement, and bragging rights at the local Kinder Care that he attends every Monday through Friday.

“If he doesn’t win this thing, I may have to work till I’m 30,” claims Ly.

According to Ly, the hardest part about entering the contest was deciding which photo to submit. “They’re all so dang cute,” claimed the proud mama. “Not counting the one of him in the unibrow, which was Trissa’s stupid idea.”

Mason’s wardrobe includes no fewer than 50 hats, which equates to approximately 1.5 hats per week of his young life.

Ly claims there’s an art to taking  great baby photos. “The trick,” she says, “is to pose your baby with a pug. If your baby isn’t cuter than a pug, you’ve got one ugly kid on your hands,” says Ly.

Although she is confident that Mason has everything it takes to win this year’s photo contest, she knows it’s ultimately a popularity contest.  “I hope my friends will get off their asses and vote,” says Ly. “It takes all of ten seconds. It’s so simple, even Ingrid could do it.”

Friends and supporters are encouraged to click the link below to catapult little Mason to victory:



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