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New study reveals binge drinking begins at childhood

Experts say children lack the experience to know when their friends have had too much to drink, and end up over serving them.

Atlanta, GA – A new study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health reveals that binge drinking may be hereditary and have its origin in early childhood. The study reveals  that toddlers who are unable to deal with the daily challenges of life, such as forced nap time and sitting around in a dirty diaper, turn to binge drinking as a coping mechanism. Experts claim it is is not unusual for some binge drinkers to go through 4, 5 or even 6 bottles of formula in a single sitting.

A new study says that many toddlers resort to binge drinking as a way to look “edgy” or more mature.

The study also cites other causes of binge drinking, such as peer pressure and the desire to look older or “edgy”.

Health experts claim the rise in binge drinking among toddlers has given new meaning to the phrase “bottoms up.”

“When a toddler sees one of his or her playmates guzzling from a bottle, it makes them want to do the same, just to fit in,” said Daryle Rico, spokesman for the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. “Other toddlers are under tremendous pressure to be gracious hosts and hostesses, and end up forcing drinks on their playmates.

The report goes on to say that binge drinkers are 14 times more like to be involved in driving accidents involving the Radio Flyer Big Wheel than non-binge drinkers.


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