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Provocative State Fair images lead to corn boycott across nation’s Bible Belt

When Ngan Hoang posed for a few candid photos at the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair last weekend, she had no idea she would be igniting a firestorm of negative publicity across the nation. The photos in question show the pretty Vietnamese woman posing with a few blue ribbon award-winning produce items. More specifically, two fresh ears of yellow corn.

The photos were posted on Facebook, a popular social media website. They have also inexplicably appeared on numerous porn sites, further fueling the controversy surrounding them.

It was images such as this that resulted in a nationwide corn boycott.

The images have drawn both praise and scorn from around the country. According to Daryle Rico, spokesman for the National Corn Growers Association, the nation’s largest corn lobby, the image present a wholesome image. “Corn is as American as apple pie,” said Rico. “What better way to express that than by showing a sexy Vietnamese babe holding an ear to her lips?”

Numerous religious groups have protested the images, however, calling them ‘the devil’s work’. “We find the images to be overly suggestive and downright pornographic ,” said Pastor Elijah Thorn of the Southern Baptist Conference. “If she was posing with a pod of snow peas, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Such sentiment have led to a complete boycott of corn and all corn products across the Bible Belt. This includes the use of corn oil to fry chicken, Twinkies and onion rings.

As for Hoang, she claims she is completely innocent. “I just like corn on the cob,” she said. “I guess I’m glad never posted those photos of me with the English cucumber.”


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