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Long-awaited battle of Monkey-See, Monkey-Do champions ends in stalemate

Despite an exciting start, an epic battle of Monkey-See, Monkey-Do failed to materialize.

Portland, OR – It is being called the biggest letdown in sports history: Two young brothers, each a highly regarded copycat in his own right, were expected to square off against each other in what promoters had been calling “The Mother of all Monkey-See, Monkey-Do Battles.” What materialized, however, was anything but, as after only 37 seconds of competition, the two combatants settled for a tie.

“I gave it my best shot,” said little Mason Ho “but I just didn’t have my A-game today.”

“I gave it my best shot,” replied his brother Andrew, “but I just didn’t have my A-game today.”

“Stop copying me!” yelled Mason.

The match started out with both boys going tit for tat, each matching his brother’s moves with flawless precision. But it was all over before it even started.

“They both seemed to poop out at the same time,” said Daryle Rico, who had a ring side seat on the action. “Clearly, neither kid had the stamina to see this thing to a finish.”

Others in attendance were even more disappointed with the outcome. “I am so pissed,” said Tram Watson. ” I haven’t been this upset about sports since the Blazers drafted Oden over Durant.”

Neither boy was available for further comment as both were promptly laid down for a nap.


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