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Romanian athlete sets new record in Hood to Coast relay

Ioan Fodor is all smiles as he stretches the miracle fabric of Nike’s TempoTrack women’s running shorts to the limit.

Seaside, OR – When self-proclaimed Romanian super athlete Ioan Fodor participated in the 2012 Hood-to-Coast marathon last weekend, anyone with an active Facebook account certainly heard about it.

“He was posting his progress every 15 minutes,” claimed close friend Daryle Rico.  “It was one thing to learn about him reaching each mile post, but I did not need to be informed every time he hit the porta potty.”

Fodor was part of a 12 member team that completed the 199 mile course in just over 24 hours. Yet, even more incredibly, Fodor ran all four of his legs in women’s running shorts.

“I just find them to be more comfortable,” said Fodor of his unusual choice of running apparel. “I’m not particularly well endowed, so even with their high rise  they fit a lot better than men’s shorts. Plus, most every guy I passed along the way told me how flattering they look in the rear.”

According to relay organizers, cross dressing is not something often seen during the annual event.

“In the 31 years we’ve been sponsoring this event, this is a first,” said Nike owner Phil Knight. “I was glad to see him wearing Nike women’s shorts, but I wish to god he’d had the decency not to wear his U of O hat.”

Fodor says he is already looking forward to the 2013 Hood to Coast relay. “I set personal bests in my performance this year,” claimed Fodor, “but I ‘m sure I can do even better in a sports bra.”


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One thought on “Romanian athlete sets new record in Hood to Coast relay

  1. Jennifer Ford on said:

    LOVE it!!!! Really Ioan….way to go, never be afraid to blaze the trail!! I would love to go shopping with you for 2013!!

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