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Love struck King Kong triggers avalanche; small boy buried alive

Little Alvin Hoang shown moments before his near mis-adventure.

Madison, WI – What started as a routine afternoon of family photo-taking nearly turned disastrous when a small boy was caught in an avalanche of plush play toys. According to eye witnesses, it was only the cat-like reflexes of the photographer that prevented serious injury to the child.

Ngan Hoang, in one of the provocative poses that led to Kong's jealous outburst.

Ngan Hoang, in one of the provocative poses that led to Kong’s jealous outburst.

According to those present, trouble began when the boy’s mother started flirting with an overly amorous King Kong. The flirtation even went as far as the mother sitting on the beast’s lap while tormenting him with exotic fruits. When the mother suddenly turned her attention to her son, however, the mighty ape flew into a jealous rage, sending an avalanche of dogs, wolves and other woodland creatures down upon her unsuspecting child.

“It was a real zoo in there,” said Daryle Rico, one of the first rescuers one the scene. Rescue efforts were initially hampered by a giant banana, which blocked access to the child. The child was eventually pulled from the pile without a scratch, and only a few tufts of wadding in his hair offered any evidence of his mis-adventure.

Little Alvin Hoang lies buried beneath a pile of plush.

Little Alvin Hoang lies buried beneath a pile of plush.

The boy’s mother expressed disappointment with her former paramour. “I cannot believe King Kong would behave that way,” said Ngan Hoang. “His text messages have always been so sweet and loving.”

Kong, who fled the scene almost immediately, was apprehended by zoo officials a few blocks away. He refused comment on the advice of his attorney.

When asked what lesson she had learned from the day’s events, Ngan stated, “I guess it doesn’t pay to monkey around with a jealous male.”


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