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Local girl sues Nickelodeon for copyright infringement

Portland, OR – Judy Tan, a local graphic designer, filed suit in Multnomah County Circuit Court today against  Nicklelodeon, claiming the cable network giant usurped her likeness in creating their popular Dora the Explorer character. “She’s a complete rip-off of me,” claimed the doe-eyed Chinese girl with the salad bowl haircut.

Judy Tan, pictured here, accuses Nickelodeon of capitalizing on her innocent look and sweet disposition.

Dora the Explorer first hit the airwaves back in year 2000. So when asked why it has taken her more than 10 years to file suit, Tan admitted, “I’m a bit behind in my TV viewing. In fact, I’ve got about 2 years worth of So You Think You Can Dance on TiVo.”

Even Nickelodeon officials were hard pressed to explain the striking similarities between Judy Tan and their popular cartoon character Dora the Explorer, shown here.

The plaintiff claims she was channel surfing one evening when she suddenly came face-to-face with Dora the Explorer, the intrepid Latina explorer of Nickeloden fame. “It was as though I was looking in the mirror,” claimed Tan. “Sure, she’s a few inches taller than I am, but other than that we could be twins!”

“I have a hard enough time with all Asians looking alike without being mistaken for a Latina cartoon character,” said an outraged Tan. She also insists that the similarities aren’t just physical. “Even her squeaky little voice sounds like mine,” says Tan, “minus the Mexican accent, of course.”

Tan claims the copyright infringement has cost her both financially and emotionally and continues to causes confusion whenever she is in downtown Hillsboro. According to Tan, “I had to fork over 800 bucks for Rosetta Stone just so I could tell the Mexican kids ‘Yo no soy Dora.'”

Nickelodeon officials, while acknowledging a few similarities between their character and Ms. Tan, claim the resemblance is purely coincidental.


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2 thoughts on “Local girl sues Nickelodeon for copyright infringement

  1. Now you did it! You think the lawsuit was bad, wait to you see how google sees you. I posted about a dora item in my house (said panties) and now people keep coming to my sight looking for Dora’s butt. I kid you not! Every friggin day, you don’t know how obsessive people are about her butt!

    Love your blog, I hope that you come by to visit my blog. 🙂


  2. I resemble SpongeBob. Can I sue someone?

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