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Woman’s search for Mr. Right ends at local Jack-in-the-Box

“He literally swept me off my feet,” says Winkle of her new love interest.

Ahwatukee, AZ – If there is one thing you can say about Mackenzie Winkle, it’s that she’s persistent. The former track and field star recently announced that her 12 year hunt for Mr. Right is finally over. Winkle, who reportedly scoured nearly every corner of the globe in search of her soul mate, eventually found him at a nearby fast food restaurant.

“He was standing in front of me ordering a banana milkshake,” exclaimed an excited Winkle of her new beau. “It was literally love at first sight.”

Winkle’s family, however, is less than thrilled over her discovery, for as it turns out, her new love interest is a 300 lb. silverback gorilla.

“We were kind of hoping she’d meet a doctor or a lawyer,” said her father. “Hell, we would have probably even settled for the town drunk. But this character was not even on our radar.”

As for Winkle, however, she claims her new beau has everything she’s every wanted in a male. “For one, he’s really, really strong,” claims Winkle. “Plus, I’ve always had a thing for guys with hairy chests. And did I mention that he was strong?”

Winkle claims she beat the bush looking for Mr. Right. “It’s a real jungle out there,” she claims.

Winkle says her new boyfriend is self-employed and works in the sports entertainment field. “He’s pretty famous in the Phoenix area,” she added.


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One thought on “Woman’s search for Mr. Right ends at local Jack-in-the-Box

  1. It is a jungle out there, especially when the doesn’t manscape.

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