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Diminutive blogger comes up short

Portland, OR – Citing a severe case of writer’s block, amateur wordsmith Daryle Rico posted a big fat zero on his blog today, claiming he couldn’t think of “one damn thing  to write about”.

Now into his second week of writer’s block, Rico has very little to smile about.

Rico, who is widely known and generally disliked for humiliating his friends in his blog, usually posts at least once a week.  “My friends really let me down,” said Rico. “I can usually count on at least one of them to do something bone-headed, but not this week. It’s a huge disappointment.”

“I was really hoping that Khiem Troung would come through for me,” said Rico of one of his frequent targets. “Between her boob job and her painfully slow adoption of American culture, she’s usually my go-to girl. But even she let me down this past week.” Troung, who is Vietnamese, has been the subject of no fewer than four of Rico’s posts.

Not even the usually reliable target Khiem Troung, pictured left, was able to provide fodder for Rico’s poison pen.

“Me him no like,” said Troung in her best English. “Him velly bad!”

Even his usually reliable long-time nemesis Sergio Villalobos failed to make Rico’s weekly blog. “He’s just not been the same since he’s been under house arrest,” said Rico.

As for what the future holds for his blog, Rico was uncertain. “If this continues, I may have to start making things up.”


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  1. Bahahahaaa

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