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“Coupon Crazy” shopper saves money at an amazing clip

Gresham, OR – These days, with gas at an all-time high and everything else going, up and up and up, everyone wants to save a few bucks. But few people are willing to go to the extremes of Gresham’s own Khiem Troung to do so. In her effort to stretch her family food dollar, the price-conscious shopper has gone what many are calling “coupon crazy”.

“Crippy-crippy,” says Troung in her broken English, her fingers motioning the action of a pair of scissors.

Her favorite store? Target.

Just a few of the dozens of coupons Troung keeps tucked in her purse alongside her crack pipe.

According to store representatives, Troung visits the store every Monday morning, often bringing dozens if not hundreds of coupons she’s clipped the week before. Troung’s coupons range from run-of-the-mill cents off coupons to buy-one get one-frees, and she often combines manufacturer’s coupons with other discounts to save even more. And, just to be greedy, she’ll pay for her purchase with her Target debit card to save an additional 5%. Troung claims she saves anywhere from $50 to $100 a week, just by using coupons.

Says store manager Daryle Rico, “I don’t believe that penny-pinching bitch has ever spent a dime in here.”

Troung’s nephew plays on the storehouse of rice his aunt has collected by using Buy One, Get One Free coupons.

Troung says it takes a plan of action to really save money. Her strategy: approach male clerks who are too distracted by her recent boob job to pay attention to the fine print in the coupon. “These things have paid for themselves a dozen times over,” claims Troung, adjusting her fun bags.

Although Troung says she would like to keep her money “in the family,” she has yet to find a Vietnamese merchant who will honor a coupon for fresh dog meat.

Troung says Target has become her retailer of choice because the store carries so many top name brands, which often run coupons in her Sunday paper. “Besides, says Troung, “I’ve tried taking my coupons to my local Vietnamese market, but apparently they can’t run dog meat through their scanners.”


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