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Former East Texas rodeo queen snubbed at class reunion

Kingwood, TX – When Jenna Rose drove 2,400 miles from Portland, Oregon to Kingwood to attend her high school reunion, she thought she’d be welcomed with good old-fashioned Texas hospitality. After all, it had been nearly ten years since any of her former classmates had last seen her. What she received instead was an unexpected cold shoulder.

“I was really hurt,” admitted Jenna, rubbing her butt after the long drive south. “By everyone’s reaction, you would have thought I had tracked horse pucky into the gym.”

As it turned out, it wasn’t horse manure on her Tony Llamas that raised the noses of the class reunion committee, it was simply the fact that she wasn’t wearing a cowboy hat.

“I guess I had forgotten my roots,” said Jenna. “In East Texas, you don’t go anywhere without your hat. Or your six-shooter.”

“I could almost forgive her for having flat hair,” said former classmate, Cindy Jo Lou Mae Dawn Anderson. “But to walk in here with a bare head was an insult.”

Anderson’s sentiments were shared by others: “What, does she think she’s better than we-uns?” asked Sissy Lee Claire Marie Montgomery.

After driving nearly 2,400 miles non-stop to attend her class reunion, Jenna found the 2-hour horseback ride a piece of cake.

Even without a cowboy hat, Jenna was still determined to enjoy her short vacation. In addition to joining her classmates on a two-hour trail ride, she also took part in a shooting contest, finishing third in the quick draw competition. She also participated in a tobacco spitting contest but finished out of the running when she was unable to muster a decent chaw. “I’m really out of practice,” admitted Rose through her yellow stained teeth.

Facing a steady head wind in the quarter finals, Jenna placed third in the tobacco spitting contest, which was won by her former best friend Emma Jane Madison Beth Hunt.

Does she regret making the 2,400 mile trek to her old stomping grounds? “Not really,” says Rose. “I just hope I lose this stupid drawl before I get back home.”


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