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Local girl captures amazing cartwheeling Jesus

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – As Ahwatukee resident Mackenzie Winkle braved the 2,300 ft. climb to the top of Rio de Janeiro’s Corcovado mountain, she was simply hoping that the sky overhead would remain clear enough for her to capture a photo of the city’s most popular landmark: the Christ Redeemer statue.

Brazil’s famous Christ Redeemer statue is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the New World.

What she got, however, was a photo that many are describing as a “miracle of miracles.” As Winkle paused to take a snapshot of the famous statue, it suddenly performed a cartwheel, going end over end before her very eyes. Unfazed by the event happening before her, Winkle managed to maintain her composure, capturing the 365 ton statue in mid-turn.

Winkle shrugged off her photo journalistic skills, saying “I’ve been smoking peyote with the Navajos since I was 13, so I’ve seen some pretty crazy shit in my day. Watching Jesus do a cartwheel was nothing spectacular.”

Winkle’s image of a cart-wheeling Jesus is considered to be one of the greatest pieces in photo journalism history, ranking third to the Zapruder film and the crash of the Hindenberg.

The Vatican immediately dispatched a delegation of cardinals to Rio de Janeiro to investigate Winkle’s incredible claim and analyze her photo. After determining her photo to be authentic, the Vatican immediately declared the event a miracle.

“Sheesh, that was no miracle,” claimed Winkle. “The real miracle was me climbing back down the mountain without busting my ass.”


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  1. Mackenzie on said:

    This is fantastic!

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