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Authorities bust neighborhood dog meat racket

Troung allegedly fattened her dogs up by feeding them a steady diet of birthday cake.

Estacada, OR – Local police along with authorities from the Food and Drug Administration and PETA raided the home of Khiem Troung today when neighbors reported she was running an illegal dog meat operation. Troung, who is Vietnamese, was allegedly raising chihuahuas for human consumption.

Here, a Chihuahua emerges from its vinegar bath, the first step in the slaughtering process.

“She was really quite brazen about it,” said PETA spokesman Daryle Rico. “She had even signs posted throughout the neighborhood offering them for sale.” In Oregon, dogs are not officially recognized as livestock for slaughter and processing, meaning that their meat cannot legally be sold.

Despite marketing her product on every street corner within a five-mile radius of her home, Troung claims her dog meat operation barely turned a profit.

Several dogs were seized during the early morning raid as were a number of homemade signs which read “Chihuahua: the other, other white meat.”

“I don’t understand what all the fuss is about,” said Troung while picking her teeth. “Where I’m from, we eat dog all the time.” Authorities were quick to note, however, that Troung is an American-born citizen.

When asked why she was raising chihuahuas instead of larger dogs, Troung explained that her one-room apartment was too small to raise larger breeds. “Besides,” said Troung, “chihuahuas take up less room and can be stacked in the freezer for easier, long-term storage.”

The rescued dogs were taken to the Oregon Humane Society where they will be put up for adoption. “I’m not sure what kind of pets they’ll make,” said Truong, “but I can state for a fact they make dandy appetizers.”

Troung says her inability to sell dog meat may force her into a new line of work. “It’s a dog eat dog world,” said Troung. “A girl has to survive.”


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