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Mexican hottie advances goal of exposing belly button on all seven continents

Paris, France edges out Vatican City as Linda proudly adds Europe to her growing list of continents.

Paris, France edges out Vatican City as Linda proudly adds Europe to her growing list of continents.

Tualatin, OR – When Linda Maldonado pirouetted before the Eiffel Tower last February, she moved one step closer to realizing her life-long goal of exposing her belly button on every continent on Earth. “Three down, four to go,” proclaimed the sexy señorita as she re-buttoned her blouse.

A native of Mexico, Linda claims to have bared her navel in South America, North America and, now, in Europe. “I was really undecided about where in Europe I wanted to expose myself first. I was torn between the Vatican and the Eiffel Tower, but I eventually chose France because the shopping is better. I mean, how many rosary beads does a girl need?”

“I’m definitely an innie,” says Linda, answering a question she’s been asked at least a thousand times.

Linda has had her dream since she was a little girl. “I always wanted to do something that had never been done before. My original goal was to be the first female leader of a Latin America country, but Eva Peron beat me to it. Besides, I decided it would just be easier to take my clothes off.”

Linda’s boyfriend, Israel Guerrero, has mixed feelings about her goal. “I’m glad she has ambitions,” he admitted. “I just wish her goal was to have dinner on the table by 6 o’clock.”

“I’m not sure how this photo ended up here,” says Linda. “I usually dress much more modestly when I’m sober.”

Linda says her next continent will probably be Asia. “I’m thinking of maybe China,” says Linda. “So far, the closest I’ve come to revealing myself any place Asian is when I got my skirt caught in the door of the women’s restroom at P.F. Chang’s.”

Linda realizes her biggest challenges still lay ahead of her. “I’m definitely not looking forward to Antarctica,” confessed Linda. “I’ll probably go in August when the temperature warms up to -10 degrees.”


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